I have Painful Feet!

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I have very sore and painful feet. What is this? Why do my feet hurt? My feet hurt when I get up in the morning, what could this be? Why do my heels hurt? Why do my feet feel like they are bruised? Why do my feet hurt so bad toward the end of the day? Im on my feet a lot and they are very sore and painful. What is this? I can walk or exercise because my feet hurt. My feet burn and tingle. Why do my feet feel numb? I have really painful feet. All the sudden I had a pain in my foot/ankle. I have foot problems. I have ugly toes. Why are my toes crooked? My toes overlap each other. Why do I have this bump on my foot? I have sores on my feet. I’m overweight and have a lot of...

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Fungus Nails

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Help! I have ugly thick toenails! Some of them are white and others are yellow. They crumble and fall apart every time I try to cut them. Does this sound like something you could have? Or a friend or family member is struggling with? What is this? The condition of having thickened or brittle, misshaped toenails with a yellow or white stain to them is most likely: Fungus Nails No worries friends, this problem can often be treated very easily. Dr. Faasse treats this type of condition every single day! We have several treatment options available. To really understand the best treatment for your toenails is to really understand the diagnosis. We will make sure that when you...

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