This past weekend, the Grandville Foot and Ankle team set up a booth at the Grandville Buck Creek Run. We trudged out in the early morning to fill our booth with ice packs and gatorade to support all the local runners. It was great to see our community come together to watch these runners finish and accomplish their goals. We stood in amazement watching the runners cross the finish line and were glad we could provide them with some relief and support. Of course, we thought about the health of their feet- we can’t help it, it's what we do! 


While running is great for your overall health and a good way to get outdoors, it can be particularly hard on the feet. Common issues include blistering, heel pain, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and more! Many runners neglect their feet until there is injury or pain apparent. As a runner, it is important to take extra good care of your feet, keeping good habits and monitoring frequency for any signs of issues after a run. We want you to run comfortably and pain-free!


There are many ways to prevent injury and pain resulting from running. To begin, one of the most important preventive measures is finding supportive shoes. Not all running shoes are created equal. A good running shoe can make a world of difference and prevent many issues. To find the right shoe for you, we suggest researching brands and styles, getting your foot measured to ensure correct sizing, and going for quality over look or price. You should change out your shoes frequently depending on wear. If you notice your shoes are worn out, it's time to order a new pair. 


Another way to prevent running related foot issues is to make sure you are warming up, cooling down and stretching properly. Practicing these can prevent muscle strain and injury. There are many stretches, warm-ups and cool-downs that can help your foot, heel and ankle to keep up with you. 


Foot maintenance is also a key part of prevention. Maintenance includes cleaning your feet, drying them after the shower, trimming your toenails to the appropriate length and massaging your feet. See our blog post “Foot Care is Self Care” for more tips. 


The most important way to prevent foot pain and injury is to see a podiatrist regularly. It is recommended that frequent runners see a podiatrist at least two times a year. This way, the podiatrist can care for your feet, suggest personalized stretches, and monitor for any issues that may interfere with your ability to run comfortably. 

Make an appointment today with Dr. Stewart to make sure you are at the top of your game. She may assess your gait, explore orthotics options that best suit your needs, and address ANY concerns. Don’t wait, schedule an appointment today.
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