Dr. Stewart assesses many injuries of the foot that are a result of high-impact, demanding sports. These ankle and foot injuries can vary in severity. Some can happen overtime if proper treatment and medical attention were not immediately sought out after the injury took place. Injuries to the foot and ankle can be improved through numerous conservative treatment options. If conservative options have been exhausted, surgical treatment is still an option with Dr. Stewart. At Grandville Foot and Ankle we take the time and dedication needed to fully address and diagnose your injury and work with you to formulate a treatment and recovery timeline. 

Ankle Arthritis

Click here to understand the condition that breaks down the cartilage in the ankle joint causing pain and discomfort and how our treatment can ease your constant pain.

Ankle Fractures 

We have an entire page dedicated to informing our patients about the causes, risks, symptoms, and treatment options for ankle fractures. Visit our Ankle Fracture page here.

Ankle Sprains 

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in athletes who perform high-impact, demanding sports. Recovery and treatment for an ankle sprain can look different for everyone. Jump over to our page Ankle Sprains to learn more.