We strive to provide our community with education on foot and ankle wellness. You can find us at many local festivals, races, fundraisers, and other events each year.

Here are some of our latest events!


Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes may cause nerve damage, also called diabetic neuropathy, which takes away the feeling in your feet. Diabetes may also reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder to heal an injury or fight infection. Because of these problems, you may not notice a blister or a sore on your foot. This could lead to an infection or a non healing wound that could put you at risk for an amputation. It is important to check your feet every day and to schedule regular diabetic foot exams.

Recommended guidelines include seeing a podiatrist on a regular basis. We can determine if you are at high risk for developing a foot ulcer and implement strategies for prevention.

November Topic: Diabetes Awareness

Socks For Students 

Grandville Foot and Ankle Partnered with Grandville Public Schools to provide socks for students.

We kicked off the drive with Silly Sock Day and provided 'tootsie' rolls for our patients who brought in donations. In total, we collected 250 pairs of socks!

Silly Socks     Decorated Sock Bin     Tootsie Rolls

Grandville Fall Festival: Scarecrow Contest

Grandville Fall Festival: Scarecrow Contest

October Health Topic: Arthritis

October Health Topic: Arthritis

Staff Halloween Throwbacks

Nothing is more nostalgic than uncovering old photos from shoe boxes and photo albums. Grandville Foot and Ankle took a trip down the memory lane this fall.  Here is a compilation of throwback pictures featuring our team rocking their Halloween costumes: