Preparing Your Feet: Training and Preparation

If you’re training for a marathon, of course you’d be running a couple times a week or more to build your fitness and mileage. For a fun run, such as the Visser Family YMCA Buck Creek 5K,  you can start training about four to eight weeks before the race. If you’re walking, daily walks will help improve your fitness prior to the race.

Wear supportive shoesRunning Feet

The right shoes for your feet are very important. Getting fit by a professional is key. You can visit Grandville Foot and Ankle for assistance on selecting the proper footwear for your feet.  We provide coupons to West Michigan's Premier Running Store, Striders. When shopping for shoes, it should be done near the end of the day, as your feet are at their largest. Choose a shoe with a toe box adapted to the shape of your feet, wide enough to avoid friction, and long enough to avoid friction while running downhill. Once purchased, you will need to “break” in your new shoes, which means using them in training for several days to ensure that all is well.


Avoid wearing socks made from synthetic material such as polyester or acrylic.  Instead, wear socks made from 100% cotton or merino wool.


Custom Orthotics not only provide support and cushioning exactly where you need it, but they can actually work to correct or manage common podiatric problems. At Grandville Foot and Ankle, we provide a thorough assessment before any orthotic recommendation. This assessment includes:

Biomechanical Assessment: Patients are fully assessed to record range of movement, gait and function.

Pathological Assessment: Underlying pathology causing foot abnormalities are be evaluated.

Footwear Analysis: Patient footwear is evaluated and recommendations are made for shoes that provide support and when necessary, a wider toe box to allow mobility for deformed feet.

It is key to bring your orthotic along when shopping for new shoes to determine the best fit.

Foot Exam

All feet react differently when it comes to friction. If you are dealing with bunions, claw foot, or a bony outgrowth, you will have more problems with friction than others. In order to prevent these distinctive features from causing pain and/or injuries during a race, it is important to identify them while you are preparing for your event and remedy the problem as soon as possible. 

If you’re experiencing any discomfort or pain in your feet, toes or ankles make sure you visit your podiatrist to have your feet checked. Grandville Foot and Ankle will provide a free foot exam to those who are signed up for the 2022 Buck Creek Run. Use the code BuckCreekRun when describing the nature of your appointment while filling out an appointment request. Our podiatrist, Dr. Stewart can also give you tips and advice on how to protect your feet during the run.


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