The transition into summer weather is an exciting time. As temperatures rise, you may find yourself spending more and more time doing outdoor activities. While this is great, it is important that you go into the season knowing all you can about podiatrist approved summer footgear to avoid any pain or trouble. You do not have to sacrifice style for comfort, live the best of both worlds with our top summer do's and don'ts! 

  • Don’t: Wear flip flops
    • This summer favorite is not all it's cracked up to be. While these easy to slip on shoes may be enticing with their breathable wear, they are not supportive with a flat and thin design. You may have firsthand experience with the pain of walking long distances in these shoes. Skip the discomfort this summer. 
  • Do: Swap these out
    • Ditch the flip-flops for comfort and support. There are many stylish supportive sandal options that will give you the same amount of breathability and ease of slipping on. We recommend looking for soles that have good arch and heel support. 

  • Don’t: Walk barefoot outside
    • As much as you can, try to avoid walking barefoot outdoors. While it's tempting to forget shoes in the summer, foot infections and injuries are more likely to occur walking barefoot. 
  • Do: Protect your feet
    • When you walk out the door, don't forget to skip the danger and slip on your favorite pair of supportive, breathable summer shoes. 

  • Don’t: Give little thought to the structure of your summer shoe
    • The vast styles and options in shoe stores can be intimidating and overwhelming. Keep in mind, many foot problems stem from repeated use of unsupportive footgear. This season when you walk into the shoe store to get new summer kicks, look for support and hardy soles. 
  • Do: Test out the structure and invest in good foot health 
    • A good test to see if your new summer shoes are podiatrist approved is to try to fold the shoe in half. If it folds, try again! Supportive shoes will stand the test. 

If you find yourself struggling with foot problems and pain, contact us! We’ll get your feet ready to enjoy the summer. 

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