Whether it's playing outside, competing in sports, or running around the house, children are often on their feet more than anyone. Since their feet are developing, it is important that they receive good care. Problems can occur developmentally as well as hygienically. At Grandville Foot and Ankle, we provide thoughtful foot care to children and teens. We strive to keep parents “in the know” about pediatric foot and ankle related issues so that they can have peace of mind. We decided to formulate the following list of pediatric foot care tips so that your family is informed! 


Here are our top tips for pediatric foot care: 

  • Frequently change your child’s footwear. 
    • We all know that children’s feet grow quickly, it is important not to put off making sizing changes. The shoe should fit comfortably, if they are too small it can cause discomfort and ingrown toenails. 
    • Foot wear should vary based on activity. Make sure your child has supportive shoes for sports and other physically intense activities. This is preventative for injury and comfort.
    • Most children are hard on their feet and more active than the average adult, so replacing shoegear several times per year is recommended.


  • Be on the lookout for any abnormalities or pain 
    • It is often hard for children to express their sources or levels of pain. Some signs of foot pain to look for are limping, asking to be picked up often, and change in activity habits. That's why we are here to help decipher the issue at hand. When you come in to visit us, we will get to the bottom of you or your child’s concerns. 


  • Make sure they wear shoes outdoors
    • While it's fun to go barefoot outside, it oftentimes may result in conditions such as plantar warts, splinters, and cuts. 


  • Clean your child’s feet frequently 
    • Teaching your child how to wash and look after their feet is a great life skill! Simply wash with soap and water and make sure that the foot is completely dry afterwards in order to avoid any potential fungal infection. 


  • Trim their toenails when needed 
    • Trimming nails when needed and straight across can help prevent any ingrown toenails. It is also recommended that an adult cuts the child’s nails at least until age ten. 

We know that caring for your child is always top of mind. We are happy to help with any foot or ankle concerns that you may have. Visit our appointment page to book a visit now! 


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