You know the saying, “Time heals all wounds.”? Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Chronic wounds can linger for weeks, even months, and in many cases don’t heal without medical intervention. Here are the four big reasons your wound may not be healing.

1. Bugs

Treating Foot WoundBacteria, virus, parasite, fungus! All these bugs contribute to an environment around a wound that prevents it from healing. These organisms can sometimes thrive in a wound and then bugs reproduce. Bugs also are usually the reason why people start seeing white and green pus, redness and streaking around a wound, and an awful odor. This is them surviving and thriving on your wound and also why your wound cannot heal because it lacks that “healthy” base.

2. Blood Flow

Wounds require a rich nutrient base to heal which includes good blood flow that brings healthy proteins which are the building blocks for new tissue and oxygen which travels in the bloodstream. If there is not adequate blood flow, then the process of healing is delayed and in some cases can lead to tissue death.


3. PressureDiabetic Ulcer - Right Foot

Usually the first steps to a wound is tissue breakdown which is often caused by abnormal pressures on an area. Frictional forces and pressures over areas that are prominent (toes, arches, balls of feet, heels) leads to an environment that lacks adequate oxygen and can cause small sores that eventually can lead to large wounds.

4. Neuropathy

Feeling our feet and feeling pain is usually the first sign to us that tells us something is wrong. When people cannot feel their feet then there becomes a concern that they may not feel wounds and sores. Neuropathy can be caused by many things including systemic diseases such as diabetes, chemotherapy, aging, medications, back problems, and so many more. Neuropathy may lead to a delay in treatment and a worsening wound over time due to not knowing one has a wound to begin with.


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