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We also specialize in functional custom orthotics that are made from casts of your feet. You should never underestimate the benefits of our orthotics for your feet. Not only are orthotics great for stability and support, but they can also slow down the progression of certain arthritic processes and things like bunions, hammertoes, and flat feet.

Our doctor is specialized in special modifications and the precise measurements that need to be made when making a device that will last you years. Orthotics will get your feet feeling better aligned and more comfortable. It is always important to see a podiatrist that specializes in podiatric custom orthotics because we are one of the few specialists out there that can make orthotics made to benefit your feet during functional gait, not just for standing. It is also important to note that some podiatrists out there have moved away from making these quality functional devices, but Grandville Foot and Ankle are still making them the classic way that has proven over the years to last and benefit patients.

Our orthotics are not the same as those where you “walk across a plate” or where you get a “picture” of your foot on an electronic device. Do not be fooled by those who are trying to sell you a custom functional device that may not be fully customized to fit your feet during weight-bearing and can sometimes be even more damaging to your feet. Our doctor attempts to correct your feet with respect to the rest of your body, including ankles, knees, hips, and back which is why a lot of our patients say they have relief in more areas than just their feet with our orthotics.

Based on your activity levels and foot structure, we work with you to find you a device that will fit your lifestyle and help you function better overall. It is time to invest in your feet and your overall health-when the feet feel better usually the whole body feels better! Even better, custom orthotics are made to last. Our orthotics are made with high-quality materials that have proven the test of time. Although it is recommended to get a new pair of custom orthotics every year since small changes happen in the feet and limbs over time, sometimes one can get more years out of them. Our patients are usually able to get a minimum of 2-5 years out of their device with minimal or no modifications needed.

We also can guide you on whether it is time to invest in a new pair of custom orthotics or if you can salvage a pair you already have. We can also educate and advise you BEFORE you go looking into some of the companies around town that are not for correcting deformities with stabilization and alignment. You NEED a foot specialist when moving toward a custom orthotics device, not a salesperson. Podiatrists are trained in everything from foot mechanics, alignment, support, structure, and deformities. Our goal is to find you the right device the first time and to help correct the deformities and symptoms you have.

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