Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine refers to the practice of “regenerating” our cells to repair tissue and improving their function after things like injuries and arthritis. By giving our bodies these therapies, it allows for our bodies to have extra resources that can help to correct, reduce, and heal tissues that are contributing to pain. We've inlcuded some of the most common asked questions below to help you become more informed about regenerative medicine and how it could be the right fit for you. 

When is regenerative medicine used?

  • Soft tissue repair 
  • Joint arthritis and injuries 
  • Cellular health promotion 
  • And many other uses 

How does regenerative medicine apply to the foot and ankle?

Regenerative umbilical-derived injections is a safe alternative to some of the other therapies options and often works faster for recovery and symptom relief. Benefits and results often last a lot longer than other conservative therapies. It is also an alternative to try prior to surgery. These therapies may aid with re-establishing the nutrients your cells need to function, but also serves to improve the environment around these cells. It can often help repair tissue and reduce inflammation after injuries, improve functionality in joints that have “wear-and-tear” from aging and activities, and may improve the recovery from certain disease processes affecting joints and soft tissue. Often, this is used more commonly in podiatry for tendonitis, arthritic joints, soft tissue injuries, diabetic/venous ulcerations, and post-operatively.

Vitti-pure is a minimally manipulated, bio-ethical human umbilical cord harvested product from donated human tissue manufactured under GTP, cGMP, AATB, and FDA HCT/P 361 guidelines. It is also DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) free and absent of harmful enzymes and chemicals to preserve the integrity. All products must pass strict sterility and procedures. It is made from paranatal tissue that contains thousands of proteins including growth factors and is an excellent source of glyocosaminoglycans, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and glucosamines with many natural occuring proteins and lipids that allow for great structural support. Vitti-pure injections contain many types of collagen. Collagen allows for tissue support, strength, connectivity, flexibility, and compressibility. As we age, our collagen levels decrease resulting in the “wear-and-tear” of areas of our bodies. Vitti-pure injections help to encourage healing and healthy mechanical activities of your joints and tissue. 

How is this different from PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections? 

PRP relies on our body’s own resources to help support and repair tissue. However as we age we no longer carry the abundance of natural bio-materials which affects how our body is able to repair and heal. Vitti-pure is dense in this biomaterial and it does not rely solely on what we have in our own bodies, allowing for potentially more healing and repair.

How do I get this therapy? 

Due to the cost and storage, it is usually ordered as needed. We ask that you give us 1 week in advance if you would like to do this therapy. We give these injections together with a laser package because often this results in higher rates of success and better outcomes among our patients.

What will the results look like?

Results vary depending on the type and extent of symptoms, injury, diagnoses, and other factors. It is always recommended to get this treatment as soon as possible to start the healing process and prevent further damage or injury. Most people have immediate results, while some it takes a few days to feel improvement in symptoms. Often the benefits can be felt for several months, however this does vary depending on the amount of inflammation to the area, the type of injury, the type of tissue, and the other symptoms a person is having.

Is there a guarantee I'll benefit from this therapy?

Because every tissue is unique and every person is unique, there is never a guarantee that there will be any benefit or improvement in symptoms and/or recovery. There are no refunds once the product is ordered. Insurance does not cover regenerative Vitti-pure injections at this time. 

What are my restrictions after the injection?

We recommend normal daily activities for the first week after treatment and no high-impact activtieis directly in the area of injection. 


More questions? You can contact our office or make an appointment for any of your questions or concerns about regenerative medicine and whether it's the best fit for you.