Nothing gives us more satisfaction than helping our patients treat their pain. Read these testimonials to hear what our patients say about how we helped them uncover the source of their foot, heel, and arch pain, then contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sarah Stewart.

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  • "My experience with plantar fasciitis was a rough one. Very painful everyday, could barely walk on my foot. I tried all the stretching exercises and the frozen water bottle roll under foot. We stuck with the stretches and added a shot in the arch to help, which in the end didn't help. After a few visits and shots, we decided on surgery. BEST decision we could have made. The surgery was a success, recovery has been pretty good. I can now walk pain free and there's days I do over 10,000 steps. Some days my foot is sore but not painful and will just ice and stretch it."
  • "Dr. Stewart was thorough, knowledgeable, and caring during my visit with her. She discovered my foot problem promptly and provided a list of remedies. Her staff was also friendly and professional. Great place to solve your foot problems."
  • "Have had professional foot medical services provided by Dr. Stewart for almost a year. Very thorough, personable, and successful in my foot treatments, some very extensive. Sees you on or very near the scheduled appointment time. Friendly. Attentive, Knowledgeable Staff! Highly recommended."
  • "Dr.Stewart was wonderful. She listened and worked with my medical issues to get rid of my foot pain. Her staff is great also. 100% recommend her."