Lapiplasty 3D Bunion CorrectionLapiplasty is a new technology that has been advertised and marketed by a company called TREACE medical. The lapiplasty is growing in popularity due to the ability to get patients back to weight-bearing and activities faster with what we consider a “base bunion procedure.” Base procedures are fusion procedures where two bones are cut and placed together by plates and screws. This allows also for the bunion to be corrected in multiple planes so the long bone is rotated back to where it was anatomically at around birth. Although the idea of triplanar correction has been out there for many years and podiatrists have been using this concept when correcting bunions long before the “lapiplasty” came out, the new technology makes it simpler for podiatrists to rotate the bone using specialized instruments versus freehand like we used to. Our doctor was trained in both ways and is always using the tri-planar correction in all her bunion surgeries.

The good news is that if you have surgery by our doctor, your bunion will be corrected using the “new-and old theories” triplanar bunion correction. What makes the lapiplasty a little bit different is that the instruments, including 2 plates and 4 screws in each plate, used to “fix the bunion” are placed at such an angle that it allows for patients to be weight bearing faster. As opposed to the 6-8 weeks non weightbearing and then moving into a boot with walking that is typical for bunion surgeries, patients with lapiplasty can get to weight-bearing sooner, usually closer to the 6 weeks. This of course depends on bone structure, age, and other factors which the doctor will discuss with you at your bunion consultation. In addition, not all locations and insurances cover the new “lapiplasty” procedure. Our doctor performs surgery at the facilities that have approved the lapiplasty to be performed and will let you know what facilities these are when you come. We always do prior authorization prior to your surgery planning too so that you know it will be covered when you see us!

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