Feet are usually exposed to a lot of bugs! Fungus, bacteria, viruses, and parasites oh my! Wounds are a direct pathway into the body and in some cases right into the bloodstream that can cause serious infections.

High heels off, wound to right pinky toe is covered with a bandage.

Leaving your foot and leg wounds open poses further risk since they are closer to the ground that normally harbors these bugs than some other areas of the body. For example, when you shower, all that bacteria washes right off your body and onto your feet! Another example would be when you are running errands all day in open-toed shoes and your open wound is exposed to pollen that can carry these bugs. No matter what scenario, your wound is always at risk for increased infection when open! Also, the oxygen and good nutrients to help heal your wound usually comes from inside the body and through your bloodstream, not outside of it. This is why we recommend always covering them up with quality wound products and letting your body get to work on trying to heal your wounds.

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