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Maryanne Claims to Lose Toenails Annually

For those of you who like to watch Survivor on CBS on Wednesdays, you probably found it entertaining when everyone started talking about Maryanne’s toenails. Maryanne discussed how she frequently loses her toenails annually. As if we could not imagine what her toenails looked like, the camera then zoomed in on her toes to show us. Everyone seemed to be surprised and as Drea said, "I am so confused," and as Lindsay said, " is not normal to lose your toenails like that." We love that even on Survivor, people have time to talk about and look at their toes! 

Losing a Toenail is Not NormalSurvivor 42: Maryanne Oketch

As interesting as that was to us here at Grandville Foot and Ankle, we must agree with Lindsay when we say, "losing toenails annually is not normal." When toenails are traumatized or diseased, this can cause splitting (onycholysis), thickening, and discoloration. When there is enough damage to the nail plates, sometimes nails can even fall off or become loose not only underneath the nail, but also at the cuticle area. At times, a new nail can grow underneath an old nail where someone may notice layering of the toenail or ridges beginning as the nail grows out.

Seeking Medical Attention

Sometimes these nails may correct themselves, however sometimes they may not. It is important to notice these changes right away and to get medical attention by a podiatrist like Dr. Sarah Stewart. There are several options for testing the nail to discover the reasons why you may be noticing nail changes and several options for treatments for improvement! Do not wait when you notice these changes! Get seen by a podiatrist.


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