Here, you can learn about a wide range of skin and nail conditions affecting your overall foot health. Learn how to identify and treat ingrown toenails, plantar warts, corns, calluses, and much more by following our regularly updated blog.

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  • Survivor Castaway Loses Toenails Every Year Losing toenails annually is not normal. When toenails are traumatized or diseased, this can cause splitting (onycholysis), thickening, and discoloration. When there is enough damage to the nail plates, sometimes nails can even fall off or become loose not only underneath the nail, but also at the cuticle area. At times, a new nail can grow underneath an old nail where someone may notice layering of the toenail or ridges beginning as the nail grows out.
  • The 4 Big Reasons: Why People Get Wounds and Why They Don’t Always Heal “Fast” Bacteria, virus, parasite, fungus! All these bugs contribute to an environment around a wound that prevents it from healing.