Dr. Stewart, Podiatrist at Grandville Foot and Ankle Responds to the Top Statements Made About Healing Wounds on Feet.

Left foot wound

1.) I can only have one bug infecting my wound.

False, a lot of wounds are what we call polymicrobial (poly=several, microbial=bugs).


2.) If I take an old antibiotic I have on the back of my shelf it will help me prevent an infection.

False, antibiotics are targeted to certain bugs in your wound and some are ineffective or resistant to certain medications. Also, if the antibiotic is expired, it may not be as effective as one that is current.


3.) Redness, streaking, pus, bad odor are all signs of infection.

True. This is a sign that you  need to call your doctor immediately and get medical attention fast.


4.) Wounds may take months to heal.

True. Depending on several factors that affect wounds, they could take several months to heal. 


Chronic wounds can linger for weeks, even months, and in many cases don’t heal without medical intervention. Read more about the four big reasons your wound may not be healing.

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