When you have tried conservative treatments for your bunions and nothing seems to work or ease pain, surgery may be a path to explore with Dr. Stewart. The only way to truly correct a bunion is with surgery itself. There are several common procedures that can correct a bunion. Selection will be made based on your needs, age and personal goals or expectations. In office, Dr. Stewart will review all possible options. Let's review each procedure

  • Lapiplasty
    • This procedure takes care of the root of the issue, which is the unstable joint located in the middle of the foot. During the procedure, this joint is secured with screws and plates. This surgery has a lower risk for recurrence among the options for bunion surgery.
  • Cheilectomy
    • This surgery removes the extra bone or "bunion bump" that you see on the side of the toe that causes pain.
  • Austin/Akin Bunionectomy
    • During an Austin Bunionectomy, the Doctor removes the excess bone from the bunion. Then, the bone will be repositioned to straighten out the toe using a v-shaped cut. Screws will be placed to keep this shape.

Keeping these methods of surgery in mind, questions may have risen for you. If you would like to hear personal stories, check our "Before and After" page. Now, let's look at some frequently asked questions…

Q: Who should have bunion surgery?

A: Bunion surgery should be performed if the patient has found little to no relief from all other methods of pain control. This pain must be interfering with everyday life and activities. It should not be performed for solely aesthetic purposes, but rather, for the purpose of pain relief and internal correction. Discuss surgery with Dr. Stewart to see if you are a good candidate. 

Q: Should I wait or get surgery now?

A: Bunions get worse progressively, so getting surgery sooner rather than later will reduce your overall experience of pain. Bunions do not go away unless operated on. Your personal views and time frame is what is most important, Dr. Stewart takes great care in making individualized plans taking your opinions and personal life  into consideration. 

Q: Is this surgery covered by insurance?

A: Bunion surgery is covered in the majority of cases. 

Q: What will be my recovery time estimate? 

A: Recovery time estimate for each

  • Lapiplasty
    • The majority of individuals can return to work within a few days or a couple of weeks using a surgical boot. After approximately six weeks, patients can be back on their feet wearing comfortable shoes. By 4 or 5 months, patients will be able to return to normalcy. 
  • Cheilectomy
    • After this procedure, patients can walk in a surgical boot. Activity will be restricted until sutures are removed two weeks after surgery. Patients will see normalcy after 6-12 weeks. 
  • Austin/Akin Bunionectomy
    • This procedure is estimated to take around 8-10 weeks to recover from. Activity will be restricted until sutures are removed two weeks after surgery. You can wear shoes at around 6-8 weeks.

Knowing your options is important, book an appointment today with Dr. Stewart to discuss what route is best for you to take. Call us at 616-534-3920 with any questions or concerns, we are happy to help. 


Post-Op Care

There are many ways that we can aid you in your surgical recovery. It is important to us that your recovery is as quick and pain-free as possible. Your physical recovery and recovery time will vary based on the specific procedure that you had. Refer back to the recovery time section to get a time estimate.


Laser Therapy

We offer laser therapy as a method of post-op pain control. Laser therapy can help reduce your pain significantly after surgery and it also helps in tissue recovery and healing. Laser therapy works to increase the ATP, or energy, in your cells. This energy can help increase cellular function. It also increases the oxygen and blood flow to the sites of repair and stimulates your own cells to heal the tissue. It can decrease swelling and help aid in soft tissue repair. It can even decrease scar tissue and recover injured nerves. Laser therapy can help aid in soft tissue healing of the tendons, ligaments, and soft tissue surrounding these areas. Laser therapy is safe and painless. Often, laser therapy can feel like a warm massage over the areas being treated. It cannot be done on someone that is not pregnant or someone that has cancer in the lower extremity. Laser therapy is something that is usually started immediately for better results and faster healing and pain reduction. Although benefits will occur immediately after the first treatment, tissue repair does not happen overnight so often more than one treatment is advised for the best results. Often, it is recommended to start with at least 6 treatments. You can always add more as needed. 


Our Laser Therapy Offers

We offer many different packages for laser therapy treatments. If you are interested in this form of post-op care, we can set you up for success and book you in for as many treatments as you need. Below you will find the variety of offers we have: 

  • 6 laser treatments for $300
  • 12 laser treatments for $500  
  • Additional laser treatments $70 each after the initial package, or you may buy another package.

Other OTC products we offer that can aid in tissue recovery for post op patients:

We offer a range of OTC products that can aid in tissue recovery for post op patients & injuries. These will also help with pain and inflammation. 

  • Amerigel for wound healing
    • This gel helps with natural healing. It nourishes your skin and protects the spot from getting too much moisture. Ask Dr. Stewart to get this form of treatment or visit our front desk for more info. 
  • CBD cream for pain
    • CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in pain relief, reducing joint swelling and encouraging healing. At Grandville Foot and Ankle, we sell CBD cream to help you in recovery. Ask Dr. Stewart to get this form of treatment or visit our front desk for more info. 
  • Custom Orthotics 
    • Custom orthotics are great for recovery. They are customized to your new foot, reduce the risk of recurrence, reduce post-op pain and help to realign your foot after surgery.

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