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Grandville Foot and Ankle offers the new cutting-edge option of amniotic membrane stem cell injections. Amniotic therapy is a non-surgical treatment used to successfully treat sports injuries, accidents, tendon and ligament damage, problems associated with aging, as well as degenerative arthritis. When treatment options become limited and physical therapy or steroid injections are no longer giving long-term pain relief, amniotic therapy is a great option to discuss before considering surgery.


What is Amniotic Therapy? 

Amniotic stem cell treatment consists of an injection into the affected area to enhance the body's ability to heal damaged tissue naturally. Amniotic fluid is highly concentrated in some of the most fundamental cells in our body, including stem cells, proteins, cytokines, and hyaluronic acid which promote cartilage growth and acts as a lubricant to joints and tendons, easing pain and restoring mobility. This therapy is specifically designed to change the course of your condition. It strives to correct the root cause of the problem and not just merely provide symptom relief or cover up pain. 


What makes Amniotic Injections Different Than Other Injections?Holding Ankle in Pain

While cortisone and other injections only provide temporary pain relief, amniotic stem cells stimulate the body's own healing components within the blood to help rebuild and regenerate new healthy tissue. This therapy is specifically designed to change the course of your condition, delaying or preventing surgical intervention.


How are Amniotic Stem Cells Collected? 

Amniotic fluid injections are derived from the fluid surrounding a fetus in pregnancy.  During most pregnancies, this fluid is thrown away after birth. Now, however, organ procurement organizations, like Gift of Life Michigan, have partnerships with local hospitals to help facilitate placenta and umbilical cord donations from highly screened, consenting mothers of cesarean section babies. It is important to note, these cells come from the amniotic sac and are not part of the embryo.

Once the fluid is collected, the processing is completed at a regulated laboratory where stem cells are isolated, removed, and purified into its pre-injectable form. 


Will My Insurance Cover Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy?

Unfortunately, Medicare and private insurers do not cover these injections at this time.  These treatments are cutting-edge medicine, and there are substantial costs involved in collecting and processing these injectables. Stem Cell Therapy is an investment in your health that may resolve pain, keep you active, and delay or eliminate the need for invasive surgery.


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